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Are you looking for Real Food Nutritional support for all the family?

Real Food Nutrition

Everyday stresses, not eating properly and irregular sleep habits can take a heavy toll on your body. Most people lead fast paced lives that drain the immune system on a daily basis.

Eventually, your immune system may find it difficult to keep up with the demands placed upon it – we all know when we are feeling run down – and literally this is what this means. Our immune system has taken a beating and is run down.

Over 90% of nutritional supplements, on sale generally, are made from synthetic sources, therefore Acorn to Oak Health recommends Mannatech’s Real Food nutritional supplements.


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Nutrients in decline

Over the last 50 years, due to changes in farming methods, the nutrient levels in our food have declined dramatically. The food industry responded by ‘Fortifying’ food. However, instead of adding real food, they have used inorganic and petrochemical derived substances, which our bodies can’t absorb or use. We need to get our minerals from plants and meat, as the is the form our digestion can use. This is why we recommend Mannatech’s Real food nutritional supplements. Watch Industry Food busters and you might even decide to avoid foods labelled as ‘Fortified’ until you can identify the source.



Take a look at some of the Real Food Nutritional Supplements that we recommend


It can be difficult to get children, or even their father, to take pills every day. NutriVerus powder is easy to add to food once it has been cooked, and it will greatly increase the nutritional content, even if the food is home cooked and organic.

If you are looking for an easy solution that is suitable for the whole family look at the video about NutriVerus.


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The newly identified Glyconutrients are an essential component of a good diet, however, they are difficult to get in meaningful amounts from just eating whole food. This simple film will explain how they can help you and why everyone needs to eat them.


For our bodies to function properly, we need small amounts of eight essential sugars known as saccharides. These essential sugars are the basis of multicellular intelligence - the ability of our bodies’ cells to communicate with each other, cohere, and work together to keep us healthy and balanced. Only two of these sugars - glucose and galactose - are commonly found in our limited, over-processed diets. However, when all eight sugars are available, the health benefits can be breath-taking.

Ambrotose powder contains all the saccharides you need. By taking them as a supplement, rather than any other combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids or herbs, it will support the immune system to ensure that the whole body is in peak condition, maintaining your overall health. In particular, it can help women to become, and stay super healthy, when they are trying to get pregnant and also when breast feeding.


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Phytomatrix® - Vitamins and Minerals

90% of the Vitamins sold today are made from synthetics substances from petrochemicals and ground up rocks. We are not designed to eat oil and rocks. This short video explains why I recommend Phytomatrix to my clients who are looking for a Real Food Vitamin and Mineral supplement.


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  • Do you commute to work every day?
  • Are you a nurse or teacher?
  • Can you afford to be off work because you are ill, or have the children miss school because they have an infection?
  • Do you wonder if vaccination is enough to protect your child?


You might like to consider ImmunoSTART® tablets. They have been designed to give your immune system immediate support, by supplying it with natural and important antibodies. Additional nutrients also help the immune system to repair past damage, and make sure it doesn’t get run down again.

Watch this for more detailed information

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Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids with Vitamin D3

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fats that our bodies need to maintain good health. Omega-3 fatty acids come in several varieties, but the two believed to be most important are EPA and DHA. When it comes to these two fatty acids, getting enough is critical. Adding Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet is an excellent way of improving your overall health, in particular, heart and brain health. It is especially important to take when you are pregnant to help the baby's brain development.

Omega-6 fatty acids are also important, but they compete with Omega-3s for space in our cells. Instead of a sensible balance between the two, which is optimal for your health, modern diets have created a ratio that ranges as high as 30:1 Omega-6 to Omega-3. This imbalance has given rise to many of the common health concerns associated with the Western diet, so it is only necessary to supplement with Omega 3.

Vitamin D3 is the 'Sunshine Vitamin', however it is not always easy to get enough from sunshine alone. It supports the immune system and maintenance of healthy bones.



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Mission 5 Million

Do you wish you could afford to support more charities?

Well, when you are you looking after your own family’s health with Mannatech products you are also helping a malnourished child, through Mission 5 Million.