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Self Healing and Empowerment Course

Excellent course. A good balance between course content and personal discussion. Really pleased to receive written information and slides. The day was very clearly structured, with a great summing up at the end and enough practical time. I found it very useful. Love the trainers and the environment. Was very conducive to getting the best out of the workshop.

Caroline Gates

Self Healing and Empowerment Advanced Techniques Course

Amazing course. Very happy I took it. Very relaxed environment. So easy to learn. Very comfortable with the teachers. Would recommend to others.

Rachel Manning

Usui Reiki One 2-Day Course

"The course was more than theory & practice –an emotional & spiritual experience. The trainers showed exceptional caring. I feel nourished in the full aspect of the word."

Sally Cook

Usui Reiki Two 2-day Course

"Very comprehensive, interesting, well explained plus a good balance of practical versus presentations. Lots of recapping to make sure that we understood everything learnt in previous courses as well as new techniques. Overall I rate this course 10/10."

Claire Neylan

Usui Reiki Advanced Healing 1-day Course

"The course content was excellent. I loved the attunements. There was a good balance of practical and learning time. The day was well structured and organized. Overall, I thought that the course was fantastic -thank you. I would recommend the course to others."

Emily Walker

Reiki Treatment

I have received Reiki treatments from both Peter and Yvonne over several years which have been incredibly beneficial, leading me to take their Reiki I and II courses.

In 2007, when I learned I had to have a hip replacement, I had a treatment the day before the operation and another 2 during the recovery period. When in hospital, I was the talk of the Physiotherapy Department because my wound healed super-fast!

I highly recommend Peter and Yvonne for Reiki and their various other therapies.

Eve Levin