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Helping children to grow up happy and healthy

Healthy Children

  • Can children grow up healthy in today’s busy world?
  • Can you afford to have days off when your children are ill?
  • Do you feel someone is always telling you what to do to help your children grow into happy healthy responsible adults?
  • Do you trust that you know what is best for your own child, but you still get swayed by ‘authorities’ or challenged by another story in the Media?
  • Do you fear that although you give your child good fruits and veg, they still aren’t getting all the nutrition they need?

Call me to set up a strategy so your child has the resources to cope with anything the world puts in their path?

Let's work together to set up ways to help them recover more quickly when they get sick.

Good nutrition and homeopathy are two excellent resources which will encourage your child to develop a robust immune system, which can fight all of today’s challenges.

We will use the symptoms the body produces, to guide us in supporting the body's innate healing abilities, instead of ignoring or suppressing the symptoms. When we try to suppress these intelligent symptoms with conventional drug treatments, then the body tries even harder to show them to us. Or the chemicals in the drugs cause unpleasant side effects, which can be worse than the original symptoms we were trying to remove.

See a nutritional supplement called Mannabears which will help support their immune system, it is made from real food, without additives, and tastes nice.

Read more about how Nutrition with Purpose is helping children to be more focused at school, to raise regular funds for their school and help feed malnourished children.


Do you need to decide about Vaccination, or has your child's health deteriorated since being vaccinated?

I am a Certified CEASE therapist and I have found that homeopathic medicines and good nutrition can help restore your child's good health. I co-run an Arnica Group in Colliers Wood. We meet once a month to talk about how to help our children grow up healthy and strong.

I am listed in The Autism Directory Acorn to Oak Health

Make time a look at these excellent sites:

The 5th edition of the No Nonsense Vaccine Handbook, which I co-wrote with Liz Bevan-Jones,is now available. You can get copies from homeopathic bookshops and pharmacies, or by contacting me

You can also subscribe to the Informed Parent magazine, which has many timely articles from a wide range of sources.

FREE 15 mins Consultation

You can also come for an appointment to discuss your options and make an informed choice about vaccination that is best for you and your child.

Phone me to arrange a free 15 min consultation on how Acorn to Oak Health can help you and your family enjoy life to the full.