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Self Healing

SH1 - Self-Healing and Empowerment 1-day Workshop

Learn about Self-Healing and Empowerment in a 1-day workshop. The workshop looks at health from a holistic and spiritual perspective, then provides you with tools which will support you in your own Self-Healing. The workshop also looks at how we manifest things that we want into our lives and provides you with techniques that will improve your ability to manifest.

The workshop will include the following:

  • A discussion on health and disease
  • An understanding of the human energy field and its impact on your health
  • Recognition of how your beliefs, your thoughts, emotions and environmental issues effect your life
  • An understanding of why we become ill from a spiritual perspective
  • Techniques for Self-Healing including three Reiki 1 attunements
  • A description of how we manifest things that we want and techniques that will make us more efficient at manifesting

When you have the knowledge of how and why things happen to you and know the techniques for Self-Healing and manifesting you are then Empowered

Cost £95 *

Including teas and coffee during the day plus electronic presentation/handouts

* Book and pay 4 weeks before workshop and get discount price of £85




Excellent course. A good balance between course content and personal discussion. Really pleased to receive written information and slides. The day was very clearly structured, with a great summing up at the end and enough practical time. I found it very useful. Love the trainers and the environment. Was very conducive to getting the best out of the workshop.

Caroline Gates

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