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Usui Reiki

R3AH- Usui Reiki Advanced Healing Techniques 1-Day Course

The course is on the pathway to becoming a Reiki Master. The course includes two Reiki Master attunements (which will allow you to channel Reiki more quickly) and a number of advanced healing techniques (which will improve your effectiveness).

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Who can learn Reiki Advanced Healing Techniques?

This workshop is open to people 3 months after completing a Reiki Two course.

How long is the course?

The course is run over one full day. In addition, participants will each receive post course mentoring and support.

The Course will include the following:

  • Two Reiki Master attunements
  • Further techniques for using a pendulum
  • Hara line alignment and repair
  • Japanese traditional Reiki healing techniques
  • Dealing with attachments and energy attacks

Post Training Elements

  • Arrangements for on-going mentoring/support

Supporting Materials

  • Lineage discussed and provided
  • Written handouts included
  • Course certificate supplied

Cost £125*

Including tea, coffees and biscuits

* Book and pay 4 weeks before the course commencement and get discount price of £115



"The course content was excellent. I loved the attunements. There was a good balance of practical and learning time. The day was well structured and organized. Overall, I thought that the course was fantastic -thank you. I would recommend the course to others."

Emily Walker

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