A Doctor's experience of being treated with homeopathy for her eczema

This Doctor had eczema for over 1 year before trying homeopathy. The first few remedies did nothing but she persevered and her eczema went away after taking the 4th remedy and has never come back.

On occasional, it can take a few goes to find exactly the right remdy, but when you do the body knows how to bring about the cure. 


Graduates looking for ways to pay back student loans

Congratulations on getting your degree. Have fun over the summer, then it's time to look for a job.

There are alternatives to just working 9-5. Look at this as another option.

If you are interested in hearing more, sent me a txt (+44 7942816937). I would love to be able to help you help yourself and help children round the world.



Watch this before getting your next flu vaccine

This short film explains why the flu vaccine is not helping us and why we need to look for alternatives to improve our immune system.

Homeopathy and good nutrition will do more. Time in the sunshine (without sunscreen) is the best way to build up your supply of Vitamin D, which also will stengthen your immune system.




Book on Homeopathy for the Family

This is a really fun new book that will help you find the right remedy to treat a wide variety of household scrapes and first aid situations.

Have a look

Rhymes For Remedies by Jackie Griffin Synnott from Donna Powers on Vimeo.


Registration with the Society of Homeopaths

If you would like to see the process homeopaths go through to become Registered with the Society of Homeopaths, after they have completed a 4 year recognised training course, then watch this short video.