Course feedback from participants

Participants were asked for their honest feedback at the end of the Reiki Two course 11th & 12th July 2015. Below are the questions asked and the response given by the four participants.

1. What did you think of the course content i.e. the information, handouts etc?

Jodie – “Thought it was detailed but succinct enough to digest. Easy to read, very well explained. Simple but effective.”

Nicola- “Very informative, not too many handouts. Handouts i.e. Symbols very clear.”

Sharon - “Perfect- no need to take notes. Could therefore fully concentrate on the course rather than getting lost in note taking. Very informative and thorough handouts. “

Tanya- “Very informative and practical. Good balance that keeps interest and focus”


2. Did the course meet you expectations Yes/No and comments?

Jodie – “Yes - It met my expectations and more than exceeded them. Exceptionally taught and was very fun! Very relaxed but always engaging. Happy to find it was very hand on and practical as well as theoretical. Something for everyone, suited a range of learning techniques.”

Nicola- “Yes- Yes, enough material to look at but also a lot of interaction”

Sharon - “Yes –Exceeded expectations. Didn’t realise such an increase in energy from Reiki 1 to 2. Great company and a lovely way to spend a weekend. Fantastic opportunity to have an amazing treatment.”

Tanya-“Yes – For me, this was complimentary to all I’ve learned so far. When using symbols energy healingfeels very real and feel it works. It’s a special moment for me/patient”


3. What are your comments on the training method? I.e. was there enough practical time? Were your questions answered satisfactorily?

Jodie –“I would always ask for more practical time but that’s the lovely nature of Reiki that once you start, you don’t want to stop! Teachers were very well informed and answered any question with ease. Very open, calm and relaxed teaching space made it very easy to learn.”

Nicola- “The weekend flowed well. Good mixture of practical and talk time. Answers clear.”

Sharon - “Superb as always. Emma and Peter are a great team. Very friendly and supportive. Good balance between theory and practical. Everything ran to time.”

Tanya-“Teachers have invested a great deal of researching but are also open to honest feedback from students to improve their delivery of the course. I felt we were all working as “a team” which is great! “

4. Would you recommend this course to others? Yes/No
Jodie –“Yes”; Nicola-“Yes”; Sharon-“Yes”; Tanya-“Yes”

5. How would you rate this course overall? Comments please

Jodie –“Very highly. Level of involvement from the teachers was brilliant. Great mix of practical and theoretical. Open to feedback and questions of any kind. The material of the course was easy to get your head around and easy to learn.”

Nicola- “10. Felt comfortable, structured well, all breaks needed at good times.”

Sharon - “Very beneficial both on a self development level and also in preparation for Practitioner Course. Highly recommend anyone who takes Reiki 1 to do this course even if they don’t wish to be a practitioner as the additional energy is amazing”

Tanya- “10/10. Thank you for all of the cheese.”