Hormonal Problems

Do you think only women have hormones! 

All of our body functions are governed by a complex system of hormones.  When we are well we don't even realise they are there, but when we start to get ill, they are often the first things that start to go wrong.

  • Do you have problems sleeping?
  • Do you wake up like a bear with a sore head?
  • Are your moods erratic?
  • Do you feel stress is getting the better of you?

We all see the effects of hormones on our body when we reach puberty. Women see the influence of hormones in their monthly menstrual cycle and during pregnancy. Finally they notice the changes when they go into menopause and the monthly hormone cycle stops.

Men also experience changes in their 50's as a result of hormone changes, but it is not so clearly described, or recognised. 

This short film describes the homeopathic remedy Sepia, which may be used after a homeopathic assessment, to help rebalance the reproductive hormone system.


However hormones are also involved with:

  • how we cope with stress and other emotions
  • establishing a regular and refreshing sleep pattern
  • digesting our food

We also need to eat enough plant sterols to give the body the building blocks to make all the hormones we need. Our modern diet is often lacking in plant sterols. I can suggest ways you can start to increase the amount of Plant sterols you are eating.

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