What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old system of medicine that involves treating the individual with highly diluted natural substances (given mainly in tablet form), which triggers the body’s natural system of healing. Rather than trying to sort out a problem by purely treating the symptoms, homeopathy looks at why you are suffering from the symptoms in the first place. Giving the body naturally what it needs to fight an infection or to improve health brings long-term health benefits, not just a quick fix.


Homeopathy is an individualised prescription that causes a reaction in the patient, this reaction cures the patient.

This is a QED report on the history and validity of homeopathy

Homeopathy: Medicine or Magic ? by TonyE1000

Dr Samuel Hahnemann founded the system of medicine that is now called Homeopathy because he was unhappy with the results he was getting with the drugs he had available at that time. He decided to investigate the therapeutic effect of Peruvian Bark which was used in the successful treatment of Malaria. He researched on himself and colleagues and demonstrated that the healing effect resulted from the Law of Similars.   

He continued investigating the action of other substances and kept meticulous records of his research. When he started to use his new knowledge on his patients he found he got less side effects and quicker results when he diluted and potentised the substance.  We continue to use his methods today and, unlike research in other disciplines the results we get today explain what Hahnemann witnessed, rather than disprove it.

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Using Hahnemann's methods, substances are processed by the Homeopathic Pharmacies in a way to make them safe and effective to use for all ages, including children, pregnant women and even animals.   I find that Helios Pharmacy who have branches in Tunbridge Wells and Covent Garden provide an excellent service.

For a longer discussion visit the Society of Homeopaths page and a brand new site that describes fully how homeopathy works and gives people's experiences of being treated - Homeopathy Heals.

You can see a list of the research done in homeopathy since 1940, by visiting the database at the Homeopathy Research Institute website.

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If you want to get a professional training to become a Homeopath then current Homeopathic Colleges can be found on the website of the Homeopathy Course Providers Forum.


The Society of Homeopaths maintains the biggest register of Professional Homeopaths, which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.  I have been recognised as RSHom since 2001.



How Does Homeopathy Work?

There is currently a lot of debate about homeopathy and whether the effects people see every day can be 'proved' by current scientific methods.  Here are a couple of websites that offer information

Homeopathy Heals

Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century


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