Do you want to lose fat - permanently?

  • Do you feel like you are constantly on a diet? 
  • Have you had the baby and still feel like you are pregnant? 
  • Would you like to enjoy eating healthy foods and eat less by choice? 
  • Are you breast feeding and still the excess inches aren't coming off?

If this sounds like you, then you are not alone.

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I was a fat child and finally lost a lot of weight in my early 20's. Then I met my husband, got married and it all went back on again. I started a cycle of putting on weight each time I did an exam, unfortunately I am someone who doesn't lose their appetite during a stressful time. I dieted several times and each time I ended up putting on more that I lost. I was looking for a healthy and permanent solution.

So I decided never to go on a diet again!

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Then I discovered a the solution that has enabled me to:

  • eat less and not feel hungry
  • eat healthily and not feel deprived 
  • no longer feel afraid of feeling hungry 
  • not feel guilty about eating  
  • know when I am full and stop eating 
  • steadily drop dress sizes  
  • lose inches all over and not get saggy 
  • find the energy and motivation to do more exercise

The Solution

The solution combines the healthy Low GL eating programme with two Real Food supplements. Patrick Holford recommends eating a Low Glycemic Load style diet for improved health overall, even if you don't want to lose weight. It is also important to ensure you are gettting enough good nutrition when you are redcuing your portion sizes.

OsoLean and NutriVerus will support your decision to eat Low GL foods to change your body size and weight. 

OsoLean is a healthy supplement that contains natural protein and calcium. It can be taken when you are breast feeding and it will help you burn fat instead of muscle when you exercise and lose weight. It also helps you control the amount you eat because the protein helps to satisfy your hunger and makes you feel full, so you find you are eating less by choice.

The feeling of being full is not because your stomach is full of 'goo', but because the protein goes straight through the stomach and into the duodenum where it is seen as good quality protein. The duodenum sends signals back to the brain to say "you can stop eating as I have enough food".

The protein peptide is then used by the body to encourage it to burn 3 times more fat than muscle for energy, instead of a usual 50% mixture of a fat and muscle.

NutriVerus is a nutrient dense multi-nutrient powder that can be added to almost any food to make it the  most nutrious food you have ever eaten. So when you include it in your healthy eating plan you can be sure you are getting really good levels of nutrients, even if you are only eating smaller portions.

Then you can throw away the scales and measure the inches falling away instead, which I know feels so much more encouraging.

Give me a call on 07942 816937 and then Click here for a free report on Why Diets Fail

How We Work Together

Initial Consultation

We go through your dieting history, what has worked for you.  Why things failed before.  Lifestyle and any health issues. Decide a target size and reasonable time period

Create a tailored programme

This will include an eating and exercise plan, and nutrional advice

On-going support

Regular contact, either face to face or by phone, and regular measurements

If this is the type of programme that will work for you then contact me at:

Phone 07942 816937