Course feedback from participants

Participants of the Reiki One course 21st & 22nd February 2015 were asked for their honest feedback at the end of the course. Below are the questions asked and the responses given by the four participants.

1.    What did you think of the course content i.e. the information, handouts etc?

Amanda – “Very clear notes. Liked having the pre-course reading as well. Enjoyed the meditations, visualisations and the singing (which I didn’t expect to)”.

Galina- “Everything was very well organised”

Sally - “Excellent. The content was well organised and presented. Handouts clear. The music was excellent “.

Sharon- “Well thought out, covered all necessary theory as practical’s.  Handouts very clear to understand. Photos for showing practical application superb”

2.    Did the course meet you expectations Yes/No and comments?

Amanda – “Yes - Everything was clearly explained and questions were answered fully”

Galina- “Yes- There always is something to improve but I was really happy with the course. I have tried to do meditation before so many times but without success. Finally I’ve done it here although only for a short time.”

Sally - “Yes – The course exceeded my expectations”

Sharon-“Yes –Exceeded it. Ran like clockwork, covered all points mentioned in the pre-course information and on timetable. Room very calming and spacious. Peter and Emma excellent teachers”

3.    What are your comments on the training method? I.e. was there enough practical time? Were your questions answered satisfactorily?

Amanda –“I thought the mix was very good. It was very intense but the way it was structured meant that learning (both experiential and theory) was maximised, in my opinion”

Galina- “Very good method!  Well done!  I can’t wait for the next course.”

Sally - “All well balanced. Good time to discuss & reflect. Good balance of reflecting, discussing and teaching methods.”

Sharon-“Excellent balance between handouts, presentation (PowerPoint), discussion and practical application. Both Peter and Emma have a lovely teaching approach. Very easy to understand and made to feel very welcome.

4.    Would you recommend this course to others? Yes/No

Amanda –“Yes”; Galina-“Yes”; Sally-“Yes”; Sharon-“Yes”

5.    How would you rate this course overall? Comments please

Amanda –“I enjoyed the course immensely and can already feel that I have benefited from the attunements and the giving & receiving of treatments as well as spending time in a higher vibrational atmosphere!”

Galina- “It was an excellent course. Thank you very much for all of your help, information and support!”

Sally - “The course was more than theory & practice –an emotional & spiritual experience. Peter & Emma show exceptional caring. I feel nourished in the full aspect of the word.”

Sharon- “Perfect for an introduction to the world of Reiki”

6.    Are you interested in any other training? Yes/No

Amanda –“Yes”; Galina-“Yes”; Sally-“Yes”; Sharon-“Yes

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