Meet Yvonne

I started my working life in a very conventional way. I knew I liked to help people and the only option I saw when I left school was to become a nurse. I quickly realised I was not willing to take orders all day long, so I trained to become a midwife as they were more able to make independent decisions. I soon realised I wanted to be totally in charge of my own workload, so I went to work on the community and then I recognised that I also liked things done the ‘proper way’, so I became a manager.

This worked for a while, but I continued to take on new responsibilities every couple of years and to develop new projects. I found I was increasingly getting more ‘radical’ compared to my colleagues and finally, through a fortuitous NHS reorganisation, my job totally changed and I went to work in the Information Department. This helped me develop new IT skills and also freed my time so that I could study for 4 years to become a professional homeopath. I am Registered with the Society of Homeopaths RSHom.

My most recent training was to become a Certified CEASE therapist. I can help children and adults whose health has deteriorated since having vaccines, anaesthetics, anitbitoics or other medication.  

I found that my initial homeopathic training was a time of deepening experiences with energy and energetic medicines, which build on my fundamental belief that the human body is designed to heal itself and that the therapist’s role is working out the best way to support the changes the body knows it needs to make.

My spiritual life was awakened though the study of A Course in Miracles and developed more once I started to learn to use Reiki energy. I knew about the Law of Attraction through using homeopathy and after becoming a Reiki Master I investigated and learnt other energetic disciplines - meditation, Spiritual Response Therapy and Manifestation Acceleration Technique.

I taught complementary therapies and set up Acorn to Oak Education. I also lectured in homeopathy at the London School of Classical Homeopathy as a Year Head and Head of Materia Medica, until it closed in 2010. I faciltate for the Society of Homeopaths in the Registration and Continuing Professional Development departments. During my NHS career I had been a Supervisor of Midwives, so it was a natural progression for me to offer supervision and mentoring to both student and graduate homeopaths.

In the recent past I decided to learn more about nutrition, when I was introduced to the incredible effects of Glyconutrient supplements. I became an Independant Associate with Mannatech and recently became a GlycoNutritional Wellness Consulatant.

I also realised the value of learning how to network. I love working in teams and with other people to achieve projects, however since becoming a professional homeopath I found I was mostly working on my own, so I am now very happy that I can develop partnerships with other therapists, so we can provide a comprehensive service to all of our clients and customers.

As you can see I have been around for a while and I don’t stand still. My husband Peter was initially challenged by my ideas about energy and how the body heals itself, but he kept pace with me and also became a Reiki Master. We are now offering Self Healing and Empowerment Training and we how a Mediation group and Reiki Shares every month. You can see all the dates on the Reiki and Meditation pages.

Peter is enjoys cycling and we both ski every year. We both love to walk and play with the last member of the family, our Miniature Schnauzer Ruth. Peter has decided not to join in my latest enterprise which is to learn to play the Saxaphone. I recently joined the Wandle Concert Band, so Peter comes along to hear me in the concerts. When I'm feeling brave enough I will post a recording on YouTube!


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